Thread Pre-Commercialization Project

With support from our stakeholders like Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta, Thread has constructed a 10,000 square foot pre-commercial facility in Edmonton, Alberta. The objective of this key project is to: (i) demonstrate commercial scalability of the Thread proprietary process; and (ii) develop carbon fiber outputs to meet next-generation demand requirements.

Pre-Commercialization Project Status

Facility Construction

Construction of a dedicated 10,000 square foot research and development center in Edmonton, Alberta. Equipping of the facility with purpose built production systems will continue throughout 2024 and 2025 in support of pre-commercial objectives.

Process Stage 1: Carbon Precursor Production

Production of carbon fiber precursor from bitumen-based feedstocks, which is the core of Thread’s intellectual property.

Process Stage 2: Melt-Production of Fiber

Research, engineering and testing of scalable systems to convert precursor to ‘green fiber’, utilizing the latest commercial fiber production technology.

Process Stage 3/4: Production of Output Fibers

Development of oxidization, carbonization and fiber treatment processes to demonstrate commercially-viable output fibers.

Product Development

Integration of Thread output fibers into product development and collaboration initiatives to address large-scale carbon fiber applications. For product development inquiries, please contact us.